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Report an Absence, Tardy or Early Release

Visit Campus Portal and use the top left Menu button to access  More > Absence Requests  (see example screenshot below)

  1. Select the student(s) you are reporting absence.
  2. Use the Excuse dropdown list to choose the reason the student(s) will be absent.
  3. Choose an Absence Type for full day, arrive late, or leave early.
  4. Enter the absence Day and Time. If a full day, enter the first and last day the student will not be at school (can be the same day).
  5. Enter Comments about the reason for absence.
  6. Choose Submit button at bottom when finished.

Previously submitted absence requests for the student can be Viewed or Deleted using the options at the bottom of the Absence Requests area, including those made by other guardians in the household. More information is available here.


Attendance Line at 763-241-3555

  • Please include the following information in the message
  • Student first/last name (and spelling if calling)
  • Student grade
  • Reason for the absence
  • Name of person reporting absence (must be a parent/guardian)

Please see the Student Handbook for the Attendance Policy.